Amerock Hardware – Small Products, Big Impact

Small changes can have a big impact on the design of a room. One of the biggest and most important rooms in all our homes is the kitchen. They say, “Kitchens and the master bath sell a home. While it may be more than a typical homeowner can take on to revamp an entire kitchen or bathroom, small changes can make a big design difference. That difference can be as simple as changing the cabinet hardware in these very important spaces. Amerock hardware has been providing these functional and decorative elements for decades. At a time when so much manufacturing happens outside the United States, Amerock has manufactured kitchen and bath hardware in the United States since 1929. These experts provide the design world with both functional and decorative hardware for cabinets and furniture. Amerock hardware comes in styles that have reflected and defined design trends now into the 21st century.

Memorable homes evoke a particular style. Adding Amerock hardware to kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers provides a way to weave your design idea through to the smallest detail. In a traditional home, a shabby chic décor would be enhanced when you add a ceramic knob with a floral motif to a simple pine cabinet. A hammered metal knob in a restored New England Colonial kitchen would evoke the days of blacksmiths that may have practiced their trade in that very spot. And a simple wooden knob can be a tiny canvas to a budding Van Gogh who is given the challenge to decorate the pulls for a refinished storage cabinet to be used in a playroom. Sleek modern styles are reinforced with the choice of a solid oval knob in polished chrome or a simple bar in brushed nickel. Knobs and pulls with a sleek line and a short stem provide a low profile and lay close to the cabinet; this visually provides a clean look for the cabinets and furniture they enhance. Geometric shapes such as cylinders, cubes, spheres, and arcs, with their clean lines and lack of adornment, suggest futuristic design. And we can talk about serious design ideas, but there’s often a place for humor and whimsy in a contemporary design. If you visit a kitchen and see a spoon-shaped drawer pull, you shouldn’t have any trouble figuring out how to stir your coffee. Amerock hardware provides so many options for any approach you take about outfitting your kitchen or bath.

With the variety of options that Amerock hardware provides, you can play against an established design idea by picking cabinet and furniture hardware that coordinates with, but not exactly matches, with the lines and finishes you already have. Making a choice like this inspires a transitional design in your home, the happy marriage of traditional design with a contemporary flavor. Embracing transitional design places a primary design on center stage without making your home a period piece, a museum exhibit to a particular decade. By creating a transitional environment, your home shows that you embrace the best of the past, present, and cutting-edge design trends. Adding knobs and pulls makes it easier to access the inside of the cabinet and protects the finish, which can wear off and fade with repeated handling. In addition to cabinet decorative hardware, Amerock manufactures hardware essentials: hinges, catches and latches, shelf supports, and drawer slides. You can also accessorize your bath with towel bars, towel rings, wall and over-the-door hooks, and a generous selection of tissue holders. Scan the online catalog of Amerock hardware to find the inspiration you need to make a statement about the style that surrounds your life.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware – It is the Finishing Touch Your Refurbished Cabinets Need

You are in the last stages of refurbishing your kitchen cabinets and are about to install the old kitchen cabinet hardware that was on it before. Now, wait just one second. What was the point of going through all that work to change up their appearance when you are just going to put what was old back on there?

Doing that would really defeat the purpose of what you have done since you were trying to get away from that old look in the first place. So, if you really want to cap off the appearance of your cabinets in a beautiful way, turn to new kitchen cabinet hardware to do it.

There are plenty of decorative options available when it comes to kitchen cabinet hardware courtesy of all the style options that you can choose from. For example, you can get ones that have a very sleek modern feel to them or if you like something that has more of a plain, yet simple appearance, you can go with ones that are more on the traditional side. Think that is it when it comes to the options that are out there? Well, it is not because there are plenty of more choices that you can get as well. Some of the others include antique, contemporary, transitional, country, colonial, and even those that have an art deco feel to them that look like gorgeous pieces of artwork.

When buying new kitchen cabinet hardware for your cabinetry, make sure that you purchase everything you need right from the get go. This is very important because you can also end up with things not matching if you do not buy it all. For instance, if you just buy new cabinet knobs and not new drawer pulls, then they are not going to match with one another. So, get everything that you need right away including cabinet knobs, drawer pulls, hinges, and even drawer slides because when your drawers are open, people can see what is on the side of them.

A great way to shop for new kitchen cabinet hardware, and those for your bathroom as well, is by turning on your computer and doing some online shopping on the Internet. This really is the way to go because you do not have to run anywhere to do it. Simply do a search in the search bar and just like that, all these virtual store fronts will be strewn right before your eyes. Then, just click on those stores to check out all the selections. In no time at all you will be able to pick out your favorites and order them. And, after you do that, they will be sent right to your home. Basically, shopping has never been so simple.

Ultimately, if you are refurbishing the cabinets in your kitchen, one thing that you need to do is install some new kitchen cabinet hardware on them. If you don’t, then all your hard work could be wasted.

Cabinet Hardware – Just the Thing to Refresh the Look of Those Dreary Cabinets of Yours

When it comes to the cabinets in your kitchen, are you happy with what you see? If the answer to that was no, then it might be time to refresh their look a bit and cabinet hardware is the perfect way for you to do just that.

Cabinet hardware allows you to change up the look of your cabinetry without having to spend a lot of time, money, or effort doing it. Unlike big refurbishing projects that could take weeks or months since you have to sand and repaint or restain things, all you have to do is remove the old fixtures on your cabinets and then replace it with new ones.

The reason cabinet hardware can refresh the appearance of your cabinets is because it actually is extremely appealing to the eye. What makes it appealing to the eye is the multiple ways in which it can be styled. For example, you can purchase something that has a very antique appearance filled with stunning ornamentation. Or, you can something that has more of a traditional style to it that is more on the simpler side of things. Along with those, there are a slew of other stylish choices as well including modern, contemporary, art deco, colonial, and transitional style choices.

How can there be so many style options? Well, it is because cabinet hardware can be built from all sorts of materials while sporting a number of magnificent finishes. For instance, the one that has an antique appearance might be made of bronze featuring an oil rubbed finish and elegant pointing ends. Or, the one that has more of a traditional look could be crafted from brass with a straight design and a polished finish. Some of the other materials they can also be made from include porcelain, plastic, and ceramic while some of the other finishes include hand painted designs and other metal coatings.

When buying new cabinet hardware to replace the old on your cabinets, remember to get everything that you need. That will include not only purchasing new knobs and pulls, but you will also need to buy hinges and any other fixtures that might be visible with one of those being drawer slides. Sure, for most of the time these things are covered up when the drawer is closed, however, when the drawer is open, people will have a chance to see them and if they do not match, then things will look a bit on the awkward side.

To easily look into all the cabinet hardware options that are available, the thing to do is to go online for some comparison shopping. You can look at what all the online stores have to offer without having to leave the comfort of your home. Plus, what you do purchase will be sent right to you.

So, if you want to change up the look of your cabinets a bit in your kitchen, even bathroom, turn to cabinet hardware to do it. There are many fine options that will be sure to please.

Cabinet Hardware Comes Front and Center

It wasn’t so long ago that cabinet hardware appeared to be a relic of the past. New Euro cabinet designs not only did away with the hinges, but the pulls and knobs as well. While this created a cleaner, more sophisticated look in the kitchen, it also robbed the home of a bit of its soul, as personality became secondary to clean lines and hidden features.

Thankfully, designers and builders have taken a second look at cabinetry, returning to the days when cabinet hardware wasn’t only visible, but used as a design element as well. This partially explains the huge selection of pulls, knobs, back plates, drawer glides and hinges on the market these days. There are literally tens of thousands of choices, which can be a bit bewildering to a homeowner contemplating an easy facelift in the kitchen or even bathroom.

Replacing cabinet hardware is one of the easiest things anyone can do to give their home an entirely new look. Depending on the type of hardware you choose, it can also be one of the least expensive remodels you can do and can be completed over a weekend.

When looking at new cabinet hardware, you want to start by looking at the cabinets you have now or the ones you are about to purchase. Cabinets all use different styles of hardware. For example, if your current cabinets have hidden hinges you may not be able to retrofit them with hinges that are visible, as the cabinets themselves aren’t set far enough apart to accommodate them.

So start by looking at the cabinets you have now and see how they can be refitted without having to do a lot of retrofitting. One of the easiest things to do is to change out the pulls with new pulls or knobs with new knobs. When working with pulls, you do need to be aware that not all pulls are the same width so you may not be able to match the bolt holes exactly. Knobs are the easiest to replace because you’re only matching one existing hole, not two as with pulls.

Assuming that a switch out is fairly simple, you want to give the most consideration to the style of cabinet hardware you want. These days you can go in nearly any direction you want to and it’s easy to get carried away. While it may be fun to add Wild West or nautically inspired hardware to your kitchen because you enjoy these looks, the cabinets themselves may not support the hardware. Every kitchen has a set style, whether it’s country, Provincial, modern, transitional, rustic – and it’s important that the cabinet hardware you are choosing supports the style of the cabinets you have. Otherwise they will look out of place and your kitchen décor will look uneven.

If you’re ordering new cabinets but haven’t signed on the dotted line yet, you may want to talk to your home improvement store, contractor or cabinet maker about your options. This is especially true if you have fallen in love with specific hardware and want to build your kitchen around a particular theme, color, trim or material. Nothing’s worse than writing a check out for a major remodel, only to find that your hardware, cabinetry and even colors are a mismatch.

As any designer will tell you, try twice and order once. Even if new cabinets are on the horizon, try out any hardware in your home first before you make a final decision, even if you have to use the old cabinets. Hardware can look perfect online or in the hardware store but once you start using it daily, you may find that it’s not quite what you thought it would be. Sure, the starfish knobs and sailboat pulls looked great for your beach cottage, but do you really want to spend the next 20 years pulling on a starfish to make the morning coffee? Live with your choice for a while before you finally make a change throughout the kitchen.

Types of Cabinet Hardware

Changing the look and feel of a room can be as simple as adding new cabinet hardware to your existing furniture. If you are in the transition phase of changing the style of a room, adorning your cabinets with stylish cabinet pulls and cabinet door hinges can help bring your look together in an inexpensive way.

Cabinet hardware comes in every style.

Whether your preference is to create a more sophisticated living room with classic cabinet accessories, or to create a modern look in your bathroom by using contemporary cabinet knobs, there is hardware for all of your home needs. To complement your décor, choose from a variety of hardware in classic, traditional, modern, and transitional choices.

Cabinet hardware also works to bring creative detailing to any room of the house. If you are looking to personalize a room, this is a great way to do so. With hardware ranging from simple to intricate designs, there are plenty of options for you to accentuate your home. Since hardware can be one of the least expensive aspects of the home to change, it is also the perfect update to make if you are on a budget.

Bring life back to an older piece of furniture.

You don’t necessarily need to buy a whole new set of furniture to change up a room in your home. By adding decorative cabinet knobs to your pieces, you can have the look of new furniture without the hefty price tag that comes along with it. If you have an older piece of furniture that needs to be updated to meet the atmosphere of the room, cabinet hardware can work to bring a modernized appeal to a piece you’ve had for years. Changing this one aspect of furniture can mean the difference between a piece of furniture that lasts you a few years and a piece of furniture that lasts for a lifetime. Cabinet pulls and cabinet knobs can also help extend the life of your kitchen cabinets. If you’ve been thinking about redoing your kitchen, the simple step of replacing the cabinet hardware can help bring your kitchen up-to-date and it’s the perfect option if you would like to make a change quickly.

Cabinet hardware is the perfect way to bring style and sophistication to any home. It’s a great solution for those who are on a budget, or those who wish to make an easy change in the home that will have a stunning impact.